Why I Write, Even though I Suck

For a long time, I found writing inferior. An add-on skill that can only get you so far in this world. Quantitative and analytic skills were the recipes for success. That’s why engineers and doctors are crowned as high paying jobs while writers are on the bottom of the chain.

I was naive.

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On building a startup. Expectation vs. Reality


Knowing the truth sucks, but disappointment HURTS. I have built a startup. I have been for a few years now. And let me tell you,building a startup is nothing I’d expected. I’m not discouraging anyone to stay away from startup, in fact, I encourage you to. For the past two years of building startups, it has […]

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Too much shit on your plate? Re-examine your plate


How a simple question can shave off your workload Here at Rabbut. Each of our teammate wears multiple hats. On any given day, I play the role of an outreach specialist, a customer service correspondence to an email marketer. It’s a constant struggle. With so many tasks and projects that we have on hand, we […]

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Private Library

Hi There! Welcome Welcome Welcome. You’ve found your way here to my vault of knowledge, where there’re resources that I’ve found useful and things that I’ve learned along the way to my blogging journey. The internet is a big place, so I’ve filtered out what work and what doesn’t into this personal library of mine, […]

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Your Email List is a Big Deal.


This is for anyone who’s starting a blog. This is for anyone who has a blog but doesn’t know what she’s doing. This is for anyone who is just a hobby blogger, but who knows; money is a good incentive to change that title. This is ESPECIALLY for anyone who wants to monetize their blogs. […]

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Fight or Flight, You Choose.


You have a decision to make. Fight or flight, you choose. Fight for it, and no matter where you wind up, you’re going to look back and find valuable lessons and skill sets that you snagged up along the journey. You’re maybe upset thinking about what happened, but it’s a story that you’re going to […]

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Life is filled with Chocolate Chips


Back in elementary school, Mr. Summer would reward everyone in class with treats whenever we performed well on a test. One time, she brought over a cookie jar filled with chocolate chips cookies. “Okay class, take one cookie and pass it around.” I kept my eyes on the jar as it was being passed around, […]

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