I missed the trajectory.


I know it’s not the most exciting things to talk about but it’s an important one.

There are two folds as to why I’m doing this. One, writing is a form of reflection, it forces me to revisit the things that I’ve been working on for the past six months. It’s interesting to see the red flags of goal misalignment once I start writing down my progress down in words.  Second, writing down my journey helps me calcified what I’ve learned for the past six months.

Both are strong reasons to spend some time to write this piece.

On the second half of the post, I’ll be laying out the top 3 marketing campaigns that I’m currently working on. In addition, I’ll assign a key KPI to each marketing campaign. In layman’s terms it means I’ll be picking one key metric that can help me define what a successful marketing campaign looks like.

Taking a Step Back

In hindsight, one thing that stuck out to me was the lack of key KPI for each of the marketing campaign. This is problematic because without a key KPI, I have no way of telling if the marketing efforts are affecting the bottom line for Rabbut. More importantly, I lose a sense of purpose at work when I have no idea how I’m performing on my projects.

Defining KPIs

To begin, it’s best to take a few steps back and revisit what’s the KPI for Rabbut as a whole then work my way up to defining the KPIs for the marketing campaigns at Rabbut.

So what’s one growth metric that the whole team can agree on for Rabbut?  

The one growth metric or one KPI that matters to Rabbut is the monthly recurring revenue. It’d make sense for a Sass company to have such metric because the bottom line for our business is the number of paid users we get each month.

Now that I have the bottom line defined for Rabbut, I’m going to define the KPI for my top three marketing efforts. When coming up with marketing campaigns to facilitate the growth of Rabbut my thought processes are as follows:

How does doing this affect the bottom line (increase the number of paid users)

If it does affect the bottom line, what should I be measuring?

And furthermore, how should I be measuring this?

Top Three Marketing Efforts that I’m working on.

Medium Marketing Campaign (MMC) Email Campaign.

Medium Marketing Course has been the blockbuster for bringing in new Rabbut users. If you’re don’t know what the Medium Marketing Course, it’s a one-week long email course that teaches you how to engineer a viral post on Medium.com.

With 598 and counting subscribers of MMC and a high conversion rate from visitors to Rabbut users, MMC is a marketing effort that closely aligns with Rabbut’s KPI.

What should I be measuring?The number of signups for the course each month.

How should I be measuring this?

I’ll be using UTM to track the signup links I have sprinkled throughout the email course. With the goal setting feature in Google Analytic, I can see the number of people sign up for Rabbut from this specific marketing campaign.

50K Medium Journey.

50k Medium Journey is the upcoming highly anticipated marketing campaign for Rabbut. A little background on what the 50K Medium Journey, we’re doing an open kimono style about the process and actions we take on Medium to drive 50K traffics back to Rabbut.

Based off of the results that we get from the MMC email campaign, we inferred that Rabbut users are Medium writers looking for ways to get exposure for their blogs or companies. That said, with the 50K Medium journey, it can affect the bottom line of Rabbut by bringing awareness to Rabbut as brand, and push readers down the conversion funnel over time.

What should I be measuring?

I should be measuring the number of subscribers we get each month.

How should I be measuring this?

The Rabbut dashboard can tell me how many people sign up to get the 50K Medium Journey in their inbox.

Quora to Rabbut.

A while back I found a couple of articles that talks about how marketers use Quora as a content distribution platform to drive traffic and signups for their website. Intrigued by the idea, I decided to plunge in and see what happened.

What should I be measuring?

The number of people signup for Rabbut each month.

How should I be measuring this?

Set up a custom report to see the number of sign ups through Quora marketing campaign.

What’s Next?

A Marketing campaign, in general, is a long haul process. That is why a lot of time I get overwhelmed by the amount of preparation and work that goes into it. It’s important for me to have the purpose of each marketing campaign written down as it serves as a reminder to what I should put my focus on.

For personal interests, I’ll be doing more breakdown at what I’m working on here on iamaktechan, from my thinking process to progress update. That way I don’t drift away from what’s important to move the needle for Rabbut.

Til next time.


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