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Hi There!

Welcome Welcome Welcome. You’ve found your way here to my vault of knowledge, where there’re resources that I’ve found useful and things that I’ve learned along the way to my blogging journey.

The internet is a big place, so I’ve filtered out what work and what doesn’t into this personal library of mine, and you, my friend, free feel to use it.

  • Blog Cleansing Day 11
    Every successful blog has an extraordinaray abuot me page. What's your about me looks like?
  • Blog Cleansing Day 10
    Do you know that you can customize your URL shorter with your own brand name in it? Here's how.
  • Blog Cleansing Day 9
    We know that blog images are important for your blog, but do you know the way you label them effects your blog too?
  • Blog Cleansing Day 8
    Stuck in a writing rut? Time to dust off your blog posts and revive them with these tricks.
  • Blog Cleansing Day 7
    Here I'll show to how to turn your ugly 404 page to a eye-pleasing page on your blog.
  • Blog Cleansing Day 6
    You don't need to be a rocket scientist to fix broken links on your blog. Here's how with the help with a plugin.
  • Blog Cleansing Day 5
    Running into an invalid link is a frustrating experience for your readers. When's the last time your check all your blog links to see if they're still valid?
  • Blog Cleansing Day 4
    Blogging can be lonely at times, but it doesn't have to be. I will tell you exactly where other bloggers hang out and how it use this new found friendships to boost up your blogging career
  • Blog Cleansing Day 3
    Increase your productivity by 3 folds with this blogging workflow
  • Blog Cleansing Day 2
    How to create custom pins for your blog posts. A Pinterest trick that no one knows about.
  • blog_cleansing_day_1
    Blog Cleansing Day 1
    Know how to feature your top post to get more eyeballs for your blog

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