Too much shit on your plate? Re-examine your plate


How a simple question can shave off your workload

Here at Rabbut. Each of our teammate wears multiple hats. On any given day, I play the role of an outreach specialist, a customer service correspondence to an email marketer.

It’s a constant struggle. With so many tasks and projects that we have on hand, we can often spread ourselves thin, resulting in suboptimal company growth.

It got me thinking lately, with only 8–10 hours a day to work, what can I possible change in my workflow that will change the course of my productivity.

The answer wasn’t apparent at first, but it’s something that I had done before in my academic years. And I think the best way to put it is with this expression, kill two birds with one stone.

Anytime I jump on a task, say writing a blog post on Medium, I’d ask myself this:

What are the two reasons why I should be doing this task?

By answering this very question it becomes clear to me if this task is important for me to jump on vs another one that could have yield a bigger outcome. To top it off, I’m more motivated to complete the task knowing that there will be two gains.

Here’s an example, just the other day I was filling in the role of the customer representative, and I found that there were a lot of tickets that ask about how Rabbut email sign up box can help them grow a Medium following.

Instead of composing an individual answer for all 7 tickets that ask the same thing, I took some time to write a comprehensive post on how your can use Rabbut to grow you Medium. I answered those tickets with a short answer with an added link to that post.

Case in point, I docked off at least 7 items on my to do’s list that day.

I believe that there are many ways to approach a problem, the only difference is if you take the short path or the long path.

What’s something that you’ve change in your workflow that makes your work day less busy? Share with me below, I’m down to shave off more work time =)

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