Why I Write, Even though I Suck

For a long time, I found writing inferior. An add-on skill that can only get you so far in this world. Quantitative and analytic skills were the recipes for success. That’s why engineers and doctors are crowned as high paying jobs while writers are on the bottom of the chain.

I was naive.

It wasn’t until in early 2015 that I began to have the slightest glimpse of what writing can do. James Clear, Withoutbullshit, Quicksprout are some prime examples.

Along with thousands of their readers, I was empowered by their contiguous ideas through writing. They became leaders of their field. All top performing individual share this very common denominator.

I knew I was missing out.

So I wrote and wrote. I recalled the first time I posted on Medium.

Seeing your name in print is such an amazing concept, as Anne Lamott puts it in Bird by Bird.

It was through writing I am to be able to share the most intimates thought without having to physically show up in front of a group of audiences. What stands between you and I right now are these words.

The difficult part is sitting down and start letting my fingers play on the keyboard. Let my fingers type away in its wildest manner, with no filter on. Here I’m going to find true self and iamkatechan is going to be my playground.

Writing is Power. Writing is thinking.



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