Your Email List is a Big Deal.


This is for anyone who’s starting a blog.
This is for anyone who has a blog but doesn’t know what she’s doing.
This is for anyone who is just a hobby blogger, but who knows; money is a good incentive to change that title.
This is ESPECIALLY for anyone who wants to monetize their blogs.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The moment you arrive at a website, a pop up will appear and offer you “exclusive” material on How to get email subscribers without having a website.

You exit the pop-up and continue to reading the blog post, toward the end of the post, the writer prompts you to enter your email to stay updated on how to grow your blog users.

You spend a few more minutes bumping around the blog before you decide to keep in touch with the blog by subscribing to email updates on the side bar of the site.

It seems like no matter where you go; blogs are asking you for emails left and right.

So the question here is, why do bloggers work so hard on extra contents in the forms of videos, excel sheet, an infographic in exchange for an email?


I’ll repeat because it’s that important.

You’re Leaving the Money on the Table

At first, I had a difficult time to equate an email list with money, but when I dug deeper into marketing, it became apparent to me why top performing bloggers are email hoarders. Emailing can…

  1. Encourage readers to visit your sites
  2. Deliver a target message to your email subscribers
  3. find potential customers hiding in plain sight of email subscribers

Encourage Readers to Visit Your Sites

As people discovered new sites on a daily basis, how do people make people keep coming back to our sites?

Yes by sending them an email and letting them know about your latest blog posts. Email updates is a great way to keep your readers engage with your site, retaining readers and turning them into regular readers.


The other perks of collecting emails?

Deliver a Target Message to a Your Email Subscribers

If you blog about DIY bedding home decor, you’ll assume that people who signed up to get your email updates are interested in knowing more about DIY bedding correct?

At it’s core people who give you their emails are the target group of audiences that you’ve been looking for. Instead of looking for potential readers, they’re coming to you and handing you a contact info so you can them updated. In addition, email serves as a direct way to message with flexibilities. Unlike social media where they are limited in word counts. Email allows you to communicate with your readers one on one without the worry to put your message in 140 characters.

Find Potential Customers Hiding in Plain Sight of Email Subscribers

As you establish a relationship with your regular readers via email, you’re also building an influences on your readers.

Having an influence in the DIY bedding niche can give the leverage later on the road if you decide to monetize your blog. It can be selling e course on DIY bedding, if that’s the case, you’ll have a much easier time to soft pitch your existing  readers to a stranger on the street.

People are much likely to purchase from someone they know and trust than a stranger.

That’s what you’re doing with an email list, build an authority on DIY bedding and trust with your readers, then when appropriate, you bring in the soft pitch in your email. You’d be surprise to see most of your potential customers come from your email subscribers list.


Piecing Email MarketingTogether

Building an email list boils down to be a big deal for your blog and business blog.

Growing an email list is a way for you to stay in touch with your readers with a target message, and to find potential customers. Imagine that you send an email announcing an early bird special to sign up for your online class, and 1% of your 10K email subscribers sign up for your course, that’s a head start in your online business.

Let’s also imagine where you don’t have a list of email when you’re about to launch a new e course. You’d be scrapping for target audiences who are willing to pay someone whom they don’t know much about.

See the difference?

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*On this blog I use Rabbut to collect and send emails.

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