Why I Write, Even though I Suck

For a long time, I found writing inferior. An add-on skill that can only get you so far in this world. Quantitative and analytic skills were the recipes for success. That’s why engineers and doctors are crowned as high paying jobs while writers are on the bottom of the chain.

I was naive.

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Build A Brand For Yourself

To be great in your industry, it takes more than skills. You also need self-branding. Building a brand for yourself has to do with accounting, you earn a +1 when you talk on a podcast. On the flip side, you can also get yourself a -1 when you say something totally not cool online. So […]

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Hack Your Bad Habit With This

My daily activities are a collection of habits that are crystallized over time. It’s ingrain in me that it takes little effort to tell myself to brush our teeth right after I jump out of bed, or take a shower after going to the gym. Those are the good habits that I’d like to keep […]

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Invest In Yourself

diverse of trees

In stock, we were told to diversify our portfolio. It makes sense, don’t to put all eggs in one basket. But what about our personal skill sets? Do we solely focus one portfolio, that one specific skill or do we invest in an array of portfolios, skillsets? I picked the latter. Beyond the financial stability, […]

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Want to be Happy? Ditch Your Designer Bags.


There’s no better way to put this. The possession that I own controls me in ways that ways that I have never thought of until I sold them—they disrupt my emotional well-being, increase my cognitive load and most importantly they didn’t make me happy. Yep, I’m talking about the designer bags. Something that I had […]

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If Government Agencies Run like a startup

I’m looking to the day that this happens. Maybe I will be well in my retirement years or maybe I won’t be here at all to witness to this radical change. Given the pessimism, it shows a great reflection I have with how the current government-run agencies are operated. Dealing with a government agencies like […]

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10 Feet Above

man siting high in the mountain

I got myself in trouble way many times with this quick temper of mine than I can count. I see what’s in front and I act right away. There were even times that put me into faux pax situations — Thank goodness that someone didn’t post it on Youtube(not that I know of at least) […]

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I lost my relationship to a startup


We both want this really bad. We want the company to grow, be on its feet. That’s all we could think of, how to expand, how to reach out, how to get people to know. Work work work. I thought we were closer than ever, two college sweetheart building a business together. An inanimate child. […]

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Loosey Goose


Being uptight is tiring. It’s tiring in a sense that I’m alway up on my toes, making sure everything is running the way I wanted to be. If there’s any misalignment, I get upset, flip and even enraged. I refuse to acknowledge that sometimes things can’t change no matter how I force it into shape. […]

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