Negligible Human Kindness. Big Impact

helpless puppy

Our world is deprived of human kindness. I’m not talking about donating your whole life savings to the refugees and victims of wars. Or adopt an orphan from Zimbabwe. I’m talking small random acts of kindness that you do to strangers and not expecting anything in return.

The ratio of human kindness to one another and the harm we do to each other are highly disproportional, leaving our world in a bad position. We no longer leave our car doors unlocked, afraid someone may steal it. We don’t offer help to an old lady who is struggling to carry her groceries because we are too busy with our phones. We look down at that tiny screen, instead of looking up seeing the real people in front of us.

Where we stand today for kindness is so unusual that if we received an act of kindness from a stranger, we put our guards up ready to fight back.

This extent to a recent visit to my favorite local Burmese restaurant. I was chatting with the owner and learned that her business had been greatly affected by the constructions in front of her store. The crosswalk that leads up to her store is blocked off, making it difficult for people to know of her restaurant existences. She shared her frustration in a concerned and worried manner. So I offered to give some insights from a marketer’s standpoint. I had already formulated a few ways to increase her store foot traffic when she first told me her problems. She looked at me puzzled, not quite sure how to react to my offer. I can see the relief in her eyes and suddenly her face turned to suspicion.

“It’s okay I don’t need any service right now.”

Knowing what she meant by that, I reassured her that I am doing it for the pure love of her Burmese food. No charge. I would hate to see a local business like hers close down. It is a small token to give that is within my capabilities.

She looked even more uncomfortable but was later interrupted by an incoming customer.

This event made me realize this was the result that we had put ourselves into. This thing called being nice to others are no longer common to find in this world.

What do you mean you will help me for free? What is it that you really want from me?

We tend to remember the bad experiences that we had once or heard from our friends, family and even our media outlets and it will take triples and even quadruple the effort to earn that trust back.

What can we do to soften up this world again?

Start by sharing small moments of human kindness to a total stranger. I believe it can be spread and it’s contagious.

And don’t forget the furry friends. They need some loving too.


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Cat and Milk Bottle

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rsz_hires (1)

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