Me at five years old.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Doctor! (Me)

Astronaut.  (My friend)

Teacher.  (My other friend)

Product Manager! (someone from the back)

Record squeech. Wait what?

At five years old, I lived in the world where I thought grown ups fall into the big three roles (doctor, teacher and astronaut), so hearing this new role called product manager is absolutely mind blowing.  

I can understand from the educators and parents’ stand point that it is much easier for them to explain to kids on what doctor do than to explain what a PM do(heck I don’t think my kindergarten teacher or my parents knew what a PM is.) It wasn’t until late adulthood was I fortunate to bump into this line of work called product management.

*Here’s a crazy idea, in the name of PM community, we need to make a name for ourselves to the top 5 mentions of what I want to be when I grow up survey question. What do you guys think?

I’m a PM?

A few years back when I was still “figuring” out what I want to, I was offered to a gig in a startup. My definition of startup back then is a small unknown company that has a potential in going to viral overnight making billions. My young self didn’t know any better so I said hell yes.

Thou my roles weren’t clear, but the finish line was –creating a product that people love.

My young self thinking:

Point A → Point B → Point C → Point D

What it actually looks like:

Point A → Point D → Point C → Point B → Point D → Point E…

Building a product from starch is not a linear process, but a dynamic one. It’s an ongoing process of asking for feedback on the product, evaluating the feedback to prioritize the problems and acting upon the filtered feedback. Once the product has launched, my job doesn’t stop there, I need to reiterate on asking, giving and filtering feedback to improve and improvised on the products.

As of today I facilitated one flagship product and 5 side products/features that center around the theme of email collection.

Rabbut Medium

Rabbut Medium Story Card

Rabbut Medium RSS

Rabbut Medium Ebook

Rabbut Linkedin

Rabbut WordPress

Thou not all of the products turned out to have the hockey growth for Rabbut, Rabbut Medium in particular brought in 15% and 10% increase in monthly users last month and a month before that prescriptively.

What you’ll see here on Iamkatechan 

The theme that I chose here on Iamkatechan is on becoming a great PM, and the best way to learn is picking up from my mistakes. You will see posts like How I’ve fucked up on measuring success, or How talking to customers save me from being fired.

I’m a bit hesitant to write the failures I had as a PM because there’s a chance that my future employee is reading this. If you’re my future employee then may I say that this is a good sign, because being a great PM means or any job in fact is owning to your mistakes.

On a less serious note.

Outside of work, I like to read as I think everyone should be a life time learners. Some of the favorite books so centered around the themes of startup, self-awareness and creative thinking. Currently, I work remotely so I love to meet people when I get a chance to. If you live around the Bay Area, be sure to say hi at some of the Meetup events I host.